Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Soldier's Dream

This is a recent song, new lyrics
to the traditional melody 'Lord Franklin'

A Soldier's Dream

A sleepless night and still I had a dream.
I saw a family joined in pain.
Another soldier was coming home
With another name now to be carved in stone.

I dreamed I saw them all standing there,
A folded flag and whispered sorry prayer.
We watched in silence as they laid him down
And warm tears fell to the cold cold ground.

And in this dream I saw my hands reach down.
I gathered soil up from the broken ground.
I prayed a prayer, one soul to save
And let the dirt fall on his open grave.

There’s talk of protest, now —and talk of pride,
As if you choose your truth and you can choose your side.
But this dream of mine will not let me be,
Not with these questions it keeps asking me.

How many more then will be asked to die,
To suffer truth onto this foolish lie?
And how much longer can we all pretend
That we can wait and watch and this war will end?

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